Professor Motor Electronic Controller PMTR 2123
[PMTR 2123]

Professor Motor Electronic Controller PMTR 2123
Professor Motor Electronic Controller

PMTR 2123

the “Carrera Home Set” 1/32 Electronic Controller PMTR2123 (replaces 2062)

Intended application : 1/32 home & club track racing on Carrera Track Systems

This model features the following high quality features · Recommended operating voltage range 14 to 19 volts DC

· Wired for NEGATIVE polarity tracks (can be directly connected to home set power base tracks)

· 3 wire extra long harness with Carrera compatible conductor plugs with brakes

· Electronic “Platinum Series” transistor design with ultra wide range of control

· Fault tolerant ultra robust circuit design to protect against overload or short circuit damage

· Low friction trigger bushing

· High impact polycarbonate plastic molded handle, stainless steel hardware throughout

· Low friction silver alloy wiper button with ultra hard nickel plated contact surface

· Upgradeable modular design

Use & Care Instructions

· Caution ! : Regular maintenance is required to keep the controller contacts clean and free from foreign

objects & debris. Failure to properly clean, lube and maintain the contacts will cause the controller to fail, will

allow the car to be driven without the throttle being depressed and can result in the wire wound pot used for

brake control becoming short circuited & damaged. Please take this warning seriously and follow this

process to keep the contacts clean & properly lubricated :


1. Remove the front half of the controller case by loosening the three bolts

2. Clean all debris from the nickel-plated contacts with a Q-Tip and lighter fluid

3. The sliding contacts can MUST be CAREFULLY lubricated to reduce contact wear and provide

a smoother controller action. To lube, do so as follows :

a. Place a SMALL amount of Super Lube PTFE lube on the end of a Q-Tip & apply to the

nickel contacts in the area where the silver alloy contact travels

b. Cycle the trigger a few times

c. Use a Q-Tip with lighter fluid to remove any excess lube outside of the area where the

contacts meet (remove 90% of the lube you just applied)

d. Examine the contact area to insure that cotton fibers from the Q-Tip are removed and

that residual lube is minimal & barely visible

4. Repeat this whole cleaning / lube process on a frequent basis (every 1-2 weeks) for best results.


· Periodic Maintenance – lube the trigger pivot bushing with plastic compatible oil

Optional Upgrades


· Power Relay System PMTR2037 – provides a more positive low resistance path at Wide Open Throttle

· PMTR2040 25 Ohm Brake Pot

· PMTR2040 25 Ohm Pot – Use to add adjustable sensitivity feature

PMTR2030 Power pilot light system

Special Note :
Professor Motor now specifies "Super Lube" as the preferred PTFE fortified lubricant for the rubbing contacts of the Platinum Series controllers.
This lube is far superior to the previously recommended Tri-Flo lube. Super Lube is available in 2 size containers.

please see the Liquids Catalog for more information and follow the NEW instructions for the required maintenance.

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